Movie Still 電影劇照
Still photography from film and short video production. 電影劇照拍攝
Beauty Headshot 時尚美妝
Beauty headshot and portraiture for cosmetic and skincare brand. 時尚美妝攝影
Interior & Set Up 店舖擺設
Professional interior photography service. Ambiance and set up photos for retail shops and exhibition. 專業攝影師提供店舖,酒店,餐廳環境等室內外攝影服務,配合市場推廣策略,有效提升品牌知名度。
Products 產品發佈
High quality product photography that align clients' art direction with our product styling skill. 高質素及細緻產品攝影
Portraiture 企業人像
Customized portraiture photography that express unique and exciting personality. 專業企業形象及人像攝影
Food & Beverage 食物及餐飲
Professional food photography service. Attractive food photos that entice your taste buds. 專業攝影師提供高質素食物及餐飲攝影服務,配合客戶推廣活動,有效吸引食客及提升品牌知名度。
Event 品牌活動
Event photography service for corporate and press conferences, trade expo, social and media events. 專業攝影師提供大會攝影服務,配合客戶活動流程,有效增加活動吸引程度及提升企業形象。
Show & Stage 舞台及時裝秀
Pictures from runway in fashion week and catwalk shows. 舞台及時裝秀拍攝
Advertising 商業廣告
Commercial images for corporate advertising campaign and promotional efforts. 商業廣告攝影,社交媒體廣告攝影,及促銷活動的商業相片拍攝。
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