FLN MEDIA PRODUCTION is a Hong Kong based digital media production company that specializes in professional advertising photography and videography services. Since 2009, we begun delivering high quality pictures and videos for companies of various sizes and industries.

Our professional crew consists of only full-time photographers and videographers with years of industry related consultation experience. We believe that it is our skill, vision, and qualification that set us apart from other market competitors, which gives our client the best-in-class visual experience to effectively:
{1} run marketing campaign
(2) raise brand awareness, and finally
(3) drive sales revenue as ultimate goal

We are also registered member of HKPPN (Hong Kong Professional Photographers Network) and NPS, that ensure our quality of work.


(1) 推行營銷策略
(2) 提高品牌知名度,並最終
(3) 有效增加銷售作為終極目標

Creative / EVENTS / PR Agencies WE WORKED WITH

APAX Group (T.C. Event Limited) 
Bulbul Services Limited
Kreatif Media Limited
Oink Oink Communications Limited
Madbox Communications